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Apprendre l’anglais avec la télévision en anglais est une très bonne solution, ici nous allons apprendre l’anglais de la télévision. 15 expressions en anglais autour du poste de télévision sont à apprendre dans ce cours d’anglais en ligne,préparé par nos soins.

Étoffez ainsi votre vocabulaire courant en anglais avec des expressions de tous les jours en anglais.



L’anglais autour de la télévision

What do you do on lazy days at home? Do you like to watch the television? Many people love the TV whereas other people think it makes people stupid. What do you think? In this lesson we are going to study some vocabulary related to the television and programs that you can find on TV.


Vocabulaire anglais de la télévision

remote control: a small box with buttons on it that you can use to control the TV from a distance (télécommande)
power button:
the button you use to turn the television on or off (bouton marche / bouton power)
power cord:
the cord which connects the plug to the devise that requires electricity (fil électrique)
to plug in:
to connect a device’s power cord to the plug in the wall to make electricity flow from the line to the device (brancher)
the amount of sound coming from a device which can be regulated by turning it up or down (volume)
the changeable configuration of a device and what it is programmed to do or how it is programmed to be (position)
a show on television (émission)
a comedy show on television (comédie de situation)
a show on television where people tell you what happened during the day throughout the world (nouvelles)
reality show:
a show on television which shows “real” people, who aren’t actors, in different situations (reality show)
talk show:
a show in which a presenter talks to people about their problems or about various issues (débat télévisé)
a show which has dramatic content (drame)
a show which explains a specific issue or gives information about something (documentaire)
soap opera:
a dramatic show which follows the romantic lives of the characters (soap)
a show featuring characters that are drawn and animated (dessin animé)


Texte sur l’anglais de la télévision

Imagine you buy yourself a new TV. What do you need to do? First, you must set up the TV before you can begin to enjoy its programs. However, what must you do?

First, plug in the power cord to the electric socket in the wall. Check to make sure the TV works by pressing the power button on the remote control. If the TV doesn’t turn on, check the power cord again. If it does, you’re all set! Now, you need to check the settings on the TV. Make sure the colors are properly balanced, that the volume isn’t too loud and that the TV’s menu is in the language you want. Once you have the TV programmed, you can start to watch your favorite shows!

What are your favorite type of TV shows? The most popular shows right now are sitcoms, reality shows, talk shows, dramas, soap operas, and cartoons. There are also interesting documentaries to see or you can even watch the news!

Sitcoms are situational comedies and the follow the funny lives of the characters involved. Reality shows follow people who are not actors in “everyday situations” or in extreme situations to see the way they react to life. Talk shows are programs where one person talks to other people about their problems or needs. They often talk about romantic problems or scandals. Dramas are programs which have a very dramatic plot and leave people wondering what happened or what will happen. Soap operas are infamous for being overly dramatic and following the love lives of their characters. Finally, cartoons are shows which are animated drawings that are usually directed towards children.

If you prefer something more real and more educational, you can watch the news or you can choose to watch a documentary. The news will explain to you what happened in the world or in your region today whereas a documentary explains an issue in depth so you can learn about something.

What is your favorite TV program? What type of TV programs does your family like? I don’t really like the TV but when I watch it I watch travel programs or sitcoms. If I am watching TV I want to disconnect. Travel programs allow me to see far-off destinations I may never see in person. Sitcoms make me laugh and make me relax for approximately thirty minutes!

My husband likes different types of programs. He really likes to watch documentaries, especially if they are about airplanes or about World War Two. He really likes history! He also likes dramas. His favorite show right now is about Queen Isabel of Spain. It is interesting, but it’s not my favorite program!

His mother loves talk shows and soap operas. She watches talk shows all afternoon! I don’t know what people learn from talk shows but she always has the best gossip. She calls her mom to talk about the soap operas that they both watch.

My father likes to watch sports broadcasts. His favorite sports programs are about football. He spends all fall watching football! I know that if there’s a football game on at home, I am not going to be able to watch TV.

The TV can be a controversial piece of technology. Some people absolutely hate the TV, saying that it makes people stupid because they no longer dedicate the time to other activities like socializing or reading. For example, if you watch a TV series about a book you no longer have to read the book. Many people think this isn’t the right thing to do since a book makes you think and imagine what the story would be like whereas the TV makes all these decisions for you.

Another surprising fact is that the TV has changed politics. For example, the first televised presidential debate in the United States was between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. While Nixon presented much better arguments, the fact that Kennedy had a very glamorous image allowed him to beat Nixon. From that point on, image was just as important as argument for US presidential candidates!

What do you think about the television? Is it an important part of your daily life or do you not even bother turning it on?

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