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Les animaux domestiques en anglais , nous avons listé ici 10 mots de vocabulaire utile pour parler de vos animaux préférés en anglais.

Nous vous avons également concocté un cours d’anglais sur les chiens et chats en anglais pour compléter votre vocabulaire.




Man’s Best Friend

Do you know who “man’s best friend” is? Read this article to find out!


10 mots de vocabulaire sur les animaux

best friend: the person who is the closest friend to another person (meilleur ami)
when someone says or mentions something (citation)
a short, often rhythmic, work of literature (poème)
refers to something in the home. A domestic animal is an animal which lives in a house with people (domestique)
the quality of being faithful to someone or something (loyauté)
friendship and the simple task of just being with someone (camaraderie)
the place where a judge, and often jury, make decisions about legal issues (salle d’audience)
a moment in which a person or people talk in front of other people in order to deliver a specific message (parole)
something that is in favor of or supports another idea (favorable)
the way which someone thinks about or considers another thing (perspicacité)


Les animaux domestiques en anglais

Do you have a dog or have you had a dog? If so, it’s nearly certain that you agree with the statement that dogs are “man’s best friend.” This does not mean that dogs prefer to accompany male human beings. No, this means that dogs are the best companion that humans can have.

While you might have heard this said before, do you know where it comes from? The first citation of this saying is in a poem from the New York Literary Journal in 1821. It referred to a faithful dog as man’s best friend. The citation was repeated in 1870 in a Missouri courtroom. A farmer was suing his neighbor for shooting his beloved companion. His speech included a mention of his dog being the best friend he could have.

Ever since these words were first uttered, people refer to domestic dogs as man’s best friend. Their loyalty is without equal. Even other domestic animals such as cats don’t seem to provide the same constant companionship that domestic dogs do. Cats tend to be much more independent and willing to go about the house doing whatever they want. Dogs, however, tend to depend more on humans and look to humans for companionship.

However, this can and does depend on the breed of dogs. Some are more social than others. Nevertheless, all dogs are referred to as man’s best friend.

Not everyone has such a favorable perception of dogs. Some people prefer other, more independent animals like cats or even fish! However, some people long for the companionship that domestic canines offer.

The phrase “man’s best friend” has worked its way into popular culture. For example, there are a number of films, songs, albums and/or animated films or shorts which are either titled or make reference to this popular nickname for dogs.

If you have had a dog or currently have a dog, it is quite possible that you identify with this nickname. What do you think? Is it true? Are dogs truly “man’s best friend” or is there another species of animal which is a much better choice to accompany humans?



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Man's Best Friend

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